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Adama Minerals

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ClayBrite White Toothpaste - FREE SAMPLE (limit 1 pr order)
Kanwa Minerals Detox Tea - $1 (limit 1 pr order)
Seaweed Clay Mask - FREE SAMPLE (limit one pr order)
Adama Minerals Anti-Frizz Shampoo 2oz / Super Dandruff Control (one per order)
Adama Shine Intense Shampoo 2oz Vanilla Coconut (one per order)
African Body Butter with Mongongo Oil - Two Natural Scents
Ancient Clay Repair Cream - Relief for Itchy & Irritated skin.
Ancient Clay Soap  -  Sunrise 1 oz
Ancient Clay Soap  -  Wind 1 oz
Black Cherry Face Mask (Sample)
Calming Cream (SAMPLE)
Charcoal Mask (Sample)
Citrus Blossom Body Butter (sample)
Feet Treat -Soften Rough, dry , cracked feet.
Glacial Mud Mask (Sample)
Hydrating Mineral Spray
Kanwa Minerals Detox Tea- Natural Mint Flavor-24 bags
Lip Balm Spearmint - Limit 1 per Order
Mango Face Mask (Sample)
Moisture Intense Lotion - Adama Minerals & Shea  2oz-Limit One
Original Clay Mask (Sample)
Papaya Enzyme Clay Mask (Sample)
White Coconut Body Butter (Travel size sample) Limit one
Ancient Clay Soap Gift #1 - 6 Pack 1 oz
Ancient Clay Soap  -  Big River 1 oz
Ancient Clay Soap  -  Eagle Sun 1 oz

High Quality Vegan Skin Care - Non-Fluoride Toothpaste - Non-Aluminum Deodorants - Sensitive Skin Soaps

Unique alternatives to standard brands

Transform your skin with Adama Minerals - Healing From The Earth