About Adama Minerals

Welcome to Adama Minerals. 
We are excited to offer you high quality Healing Clay Body Care products that have been
researched to heal many ailments of the skin and internal body.  Clay is a powerful medicine
that, if used properly can naturally guide the body toward long term health.
Zion Products are made from a special type of clay called Calcium Montmorillonite.  
This is a nutrient rich clay that is healthy to eat, and balances ph levels on the skin and
inside the body. 
Are you wondering why clay is healthy to eat?  Most people have little knowledge of the
rich content and healing benefits clay can provide.  However, not all clay is healthy to eat. 
There are special areas on the Earth where the ground is full of nutrient rich trace minerals. 
Montmorillonite comes from California near Desert Mineral  Springs where the ground is
spewing Clean and Pure mineral water.  This special clay comes from beneath the top
Earth layer where the clay has been scientifically analyzed to contain more than
57 beneficial trace minerals.
This natural combination of trace minerals has high absorbent properties that are well
known to naturally absorb toxins and stimulate an electrical charge to energize cells. 
Cells in our brains and bodies transmit signals to communicate important functions. 
If cells are weak, signals are poorly transmitted. This is where Kanwa can help.
Homeopathic doctors highly recommend consuming a pinch of Calcium Montmorillonite Clay
(kanwa Powder by mixing with your water or herbal tea) everyday for optimum health.
Scientists and Pharmaceutical companies currently use a variety of clays in medical
treatments and over the counter medicines.  Zion Products offer natural skin and
detox treatments widely used for its long term healing benefits.
Enjoy this Natural, and Unique Ancient Remedy to Energize your Skin and Internal Body. 
We welcome your thoughts and your stories. 
Please let us know how clay has helped you.