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Dong Quai Tea -Womens Tea-Relieve Cramps, Hot Flashes, Tension

Dong Quai Tea -Womens Tea-Relieve Cramps, Hot Flashes, Tension image
Dong Quai Tea -Womens Tea-Relieve Cramps, Hot Flashes, Tension
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Dong Quai Herbal Tea - 24 bags
Womens Tea – help relieve cramps, hot flashes and tension.
Dong Quai Tea is known to help regulate female hormones, alleviate cramps
& reduce mid-life hot flashes (menopause). A formulation of Kanwa Minerals
combined with Dong Quai helps relieve tension and balance internal pH.
How it Kanwa Works
Minerals in Kanwa clay work by gently binding with and absorbing toxins in the
stomach, small intestines, and colon.  These natural minerals energize weakened
cells by releasing an ionic charge that helps stimulate healing throughout the
entire body..
• Energize the body through ionic activity.
• Strengthen a weakened immune.
• Purify the colon by absorbing trapped toxins.
• Balance and Heal the internal body by
restoring pH levels
How to Use it
Soak one tea bag in a 6oz. to 8oz glass of hot water. Let stand for 5 minutes. If you are in need
of a stronger detox, please soak 2-4 tea bags. Be sure to consume the minerals that remain at the
bottom of your cup, these minerals contain the most important  detoxifying properties.
Ingredients: Dong Quai Root, Kanwa Minerals (Calcium Montmorillonite - A high grade form of Bentonite Detox clay).

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