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Brand: Zion Health Model: Essential Lavender
Essential LavenderAdd shine and luster to your hair and absorb odor and toxins naturally. Bundles Kit Includes:Adama Keratin Overnight Hair Mask with Argan Oil - 4ozNatural LavenderThis Keratin Overnight hair mask contains Essential trace mine..
Brand: Zion Health Model: Adama Glow Beauty Mask 2 oz
French Rose Clay - Glow Beauty Mask 2ozToning Formula with Purifying Minerals & Firming Rose ExtractEnjoy instant soothing as our Glow Beauty Mask purifies and tones without sacrificing a drop of moisture. Humectants, such as hyaluronic acid and glycerin, prioritize hydration to main..
Brand: Zion Health Model: Six Pack (6 oz) Soaps
Choose any 6 soaps using the the dropdown menu to the right of the picture above. Ancient Clay Organic Soaps  -  6 oz soaps -  Save $10  Healing Clay Native American Soaps gently purify the skin without stripping theskin of its natural oi..
Brand: Zion Health Model: Color Care Trio Bundle
Color Care TrioYour essential regimen for healthy-looking hair. This bundle naturally protects color,boosts durability for a strengthened effect, and increases your hair’s luster for agorgeous finish. Color Care Trio Bundle Set Includes:Adama Mine..
Brand: Zion Health Model: Complete Detox Blend Kit
Complete Detox Blend Kit If you are feeling a little sluggish and fatigued, give yourself a litle boostwith these naturally purifying skin and body care essentials.Kit Includes:Kanwa Minerals with Natural Jasmine Green Tea – Daily Detox 24 bagsA gentle remedy that may b..
Brand: Zion Health Model: ClayBrite Combo (Charcoal, White and Original)
ClayBriteCombo $23 Value.Detox and Whiten your teeth. Set includes: Activated Charcoal, Original and White ToothpasteClayBrite Activated Charcoal Mineral Toothpaste - 4oz.With Xylitol and Green Tea Extract – Contains essential nutrients and phytonutrients,..
Brand: Zion Health Model: ClayBrite Combo (Sensitive, Original and White)
ClayBriteCombo $23 Value.Detox and Whiten your teeth. Set includes: Sensitive, Original and White ToothpasteClayBrite Sensitive Mineral Toothpaste – 4oz.Clay Toothpaste with No Artificial Ingredients, NO Saccharine, and  No Sugar – Maximum ReliefTo..
Brand: Zion Health Model: Fruity Trio Face Mask
Fruit Mask Combo $55 Value.Hydrate, Cleanse and Brighten your skin.Set includes: Mango Clay Mask, Original Mask, Black Cherry MaskMango Clay Face Mask - 4ozHydrating Face Mask – This super hydrating mask is rich in vitamins A, C, and D to helppurify the skin w..
Brand: Zion Health Model: Skin Brightener Combo Masks
Skin Brightener Combo Masks $50 Value.Hydrate, Soothe and Brighten your skin. Set includes: Mango Clay Mask, Oatmeal Mask, French Rose Clay MaskMango Clay Face Mask - 4ozHydrating Face Mask – This super hydrating mask is rich in vitamins A..
Brand: Zion Health Model: Spa Trio Face Mask
Spa Trio Face Mask $45 Value.Detox, Cleanse and Hydrate your skin.Set includes: Seaweed Clay Mask, Original Mask, French Rose MaskSeaweed Clay Mask 4ozDeep Cleansing Facial Detox – Our Seaweed Face Mask combines the healing powerof exotic minerals&..
Brand: Zion Health Model: Goddess Love Bundle Gift Kit
Goddess Love Bundle Gift Kit (Unique Gift for friend)Enhance your Goddess glow with Hibiscus Clay Bath, Herb Magic tea, Super shine Minerals.   Soak in a energizing bath of Hibiscus flowers combined with Purifying clay.  Add intense shine to dull hair with Adama Minerals shampoo and con..
Brand: Zion Health Model: Healthy Hair Regiment Bundle
Healthy Hair Regiment BundleStart a healthy hair regimen with our all natural and organic products to kick startyour hair on it's journey to healthier, stronger, longer hair. This bundle is excellenttreatment for: Damaged Hair, Color Treated Hair, Chemically Treated Hair, ..
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